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Obsolete & End-of-Life Industrial Automation Spare Parts Supplier

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “there can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others.”

All we do at Servo Europe is built on the foundation of our values, integrity, trust, empathy, just to name a few. In keeping with these values, we are committed to providing an exceptional standard of care and service to our people, clients and partners. We are a UK based independent supplier of discontinued & end-of-life industrial automation spares parts. Backed with several years of experience in the field and after creating and helping a network of people worldwide, we decided that it's time to take matters into our own hands, which is how Servo Europe has been created.

We can help you get discontinued and current line spare parts for your automated production lines, CNCs, robots etc. We supply PLCs, Displays & HMIs, Servo motors, Servo Drives, Power supplies, Frequency inverters and more.

We deliver a wide range of spare parts from different producers. From years of experience in the business we can tell that there is a need for obsolete parts on the production lines such as S5 series from Siemens or the Modicon series from Schneider which can be a problem in a breakdown scenario.

Naturally, the research and development of automation technology leap with giant steps to improve the production process’s quality, costs, and efficiency. However, not all users can keep pace with the latest technological progress for many reasons. A large percentage of automation users run on discontinued and end-of-life technology. The manufacturers do not support some older systems, and therefore, users have to rely on independent professionals that can provide the rare and hard to get spare parts. At Servo Europe, we proudly support users across all industries. We help companies like yours to source spare parts no longer supported by the producer. We know it is very costly, time-demanding and complex to upgrade to new technology. We can get you obsolete, and end-of-life spares in a short time so you can keep your machine downtime to a minimum. Below are examples of an older technology requested by and delivered to our clients. In most cases we delivered the exact parts needed without necessity for upgrade or rewiring.

Starting with Modicon, MDrive, MDrive Plus, MycroLynx, MicroDrive, PowerDrive, Telemecanique Altivar series, Square D products, Elau PAC drives, some Pro-face HMI series and other legacy systems from Schneider.

When talking about Mitsubishi Electric we supply discontinued PLC series such as MELSEC-A, MELSEC-QnA, MELSEC-Q4AR, MELSEC-AnS, MELSEC-QnAS, MELSEC-A0J2H, MELSEC-A2C and FX series, or discontinued inverters A500, E500, F500, S500, A700, F700, S500 series. Servo drives from series MR-C, MR-E, MR-H, MR-J, MR-J2, MR-J2S, MR-J2M, MR-J3 and spindle drive series MR-S, MR-A, MR-B, MR-C, MR-D. You may need HMI obsolete series A900, F900, E1000, GOT1000 also from Mitsubishi.

We delivered spare parts across the whole Yaskawa and Omron factory automation range: DC Servopack CPCR series, AC Servopack Dynaserv, SGDS 3-series, SGDM, SGDH, SGDP, SGDP, SGDD 2-series, JUNMA SJDE series, SGDF mini-series, SGD series, SGDA series, SGDB series, SGDC series, SGDE series, SGDL series, CACR-HR series, CACR-SR series, CACR-PR series, CACR-DR series. Perhaps you are looking for AC Servomotors Dynaserv series, SGMMJ, SGMAS, SGMPS, SGMSS 3-series, SGMAH, SGMPH, SGMGH, SGMSH, SGMDH, SGMUH, SGMAJ, SGMBH, SGMIH, SGMVH 2-series, JUNMA SJME series, SGMM mini-series, SGM, SGMP, SGMG, SGMD, SGMS, SGMB, SGME, SGML, CPM1A, CPM2ASysmac C200H, Sysmac CJ1, Sysmac CS1 PLC series; NT, NS, NQ HMI series, AC Drives Sysdrive, VariSpeed, or A1000 series.

We have supplied Control Techniques drives such as Mentor II, Commander C, Dinverter, Unidrive, Unidrive SP, DIgitax ST, Unidrive M and many more.

We delivered spare parts across the whole Fanuc and GE Fanuc factory automation range that includes CNC Series 30i/31i/32i-model B, 0i-model F, older versions of αi-B series servo motors, αi-B spindle motors, αi-B servo amplifiers, βi-B series Servo motors, βi-B series spindle motors and βi-B series servo amplifiers and other legacy systems. In that case, you are at the correct address. We help you get original new or refurbished servo amplifiers, AC servo motors, AC spindle motors, drives, power supplies, CNC systems, robotics, IC Series 90-30 PLC/CPU modules, Series 90-70 modules PLC/PSU, PLC Modules Series A03B and many more.

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